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This article was first published in Divorce Magazine.

An Empowering Guide

Pasadena/Glendale mediator Pamela Britton White gives her clients control over their divorce to create the best settlement for everyone.

For some people, the divorce process can be confusing and frightening. If you and your spouse go to court, you hand over all final decisions to a system that doesn't fully understand your best interests. But it doesn't have to be that way. That's why mediation -- negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement with your spouse under the guidance of a professional mediator -- has become an acclaimed alternative method of divorce settlement.

"I like the empowering nature of mediation," says Pamela Britton White, who has a well-earned reputation as the most highly recommended mediator in the Pasadena and Glendale area. "The most powerful thing about it is the self-determination it gives people. A mediator facilitates the process by letting the parties decide together how they want to settle." A former lawyer, White switched to full-time mediation in 1986 because she disliked the traditional, adversarial process. "I prefer encouraging people to be at their best during a difficult life transition, rather than advocating for one side against the other."

In addition to her patience, balance, and complete respect for clients, White has a lot of experience as a peacemaker -- a role she first undertook as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa in 1969. "It exposed me to seeing the world through the eyes of many different people," she explains. "A mediator must understand that the way others see is just as valid as his or her own viewpoint." One of her key jobs is to help people work together as partners, rather than adversaries, in finding a resolution that can work for both. "The goal in mediation is to help people gain clarity about their own priorities, concerns, and choices, and also to understand the situation from each other's perspective." It is important to make sure both parties understand what the other party wants -- and why they want it. She advises her clients to "keep in mind the larger picture: what's best for your family."

Right from the start, White empowers people to decide for themselves where to go next. "I usually meet with couples first and give them a free orientation to the process," she explains. "I give people as much information as possible to decide if mediation is what they want, and if I'm the mediator they want to work with."

Although she hasn't practiced law since 1974, White keeps up thoroughly with developments in the field of family law. "I attend family-law seminars and subscribe to all the periodicals. That way, I can give people information on their rights and obligations." She knows it's very important that clients have complete clarity and understanding before they can make knowledgeable decisions. "I try to demystify the divorce process; I explain it in language that's comprehensible to people instead of legalese jargon."

White is recognized as an authority on mediation and family law; she has published articles in Pasadena Weekly and been quoted in the Los Angeles Daily News and L.A. Parent. Testimonials from clients praise her "level of expertise, and above all, the patience," her "knowledge and total professionalism," and her "professional guidance and flexibility."

"I like helping people make good choices as to how to conduct their lives and move on in a productive way," she says. Pamela Britton White will help you resolve your divorce peacefully, creating the best settlement for all parties. Working cooperatively to resolve your issues rather then fighting it out in court will be easier on your emotions and your pocketbook -- good news at this tough time.




«About the Mediator

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