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What Our Clients Say ... about John Juarez

"Thanks for all your help!" – K.F.

"A very well and smart way to resolve the conflict without having to deal with the hassles of court. Mr. Juarez was excellent and professional." – A.S.

"Wow, I have so much confidence in your ability as a mediator and in the process that you are dedicated to." – D.W.

 "Thank you for your fair and unbiased guidance during this difficult transition. I was pleased and relieved with all the work we accomplished in your office" – M.T.

"If I happen to run into another situation like this, I will most definitely use your services hands down." – W.F.

"Thanks, John. From what I hear from the different family law lawyers I've been speaking to - you are well respected in the community which is nice to know I have one of the best mediators in town!!" – D.Z.

"Mr Juarez was very good at figuring out the real problem during the mediation (and I donít know how!)....Mr. Juarez had some good advice: he said I should speak up if I was comfortable with it....By thinking of my feelings as valuable information, I was able to voice them and he was correct. Maybe he is brilliant and cracks each case like that, but maybe he is just good at his job Ė or both?" -- J.W.

"I donít know how you did this. I didnít think it was possible." -- M.S.

"You made me feel heard." -- B.M.

"Mr. Juarez did a very good, impartial and thorough job." -- T.M.

"You understood the issues of the case." -- R.C.

"You got us to an agreement; how!?" -- A.L.

"This was a good settlement." -- K.V.

"Mr. Juarez handled the mediation very efficiently and kept the parties focused on the task at hand." -- N.A.

"You were polite and professional." -- I.R.

"It was a fair agreement." -- V.J.

"Well done!" -- M.N.

"You helped us settle the case in a manner that made my client comfortable." -- B.G.

"We will use you again." -- C.H.

"I felt very comfortable." -- R.N.

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